Tales of symphonia casino tipps

tales of symphonia casino tipps

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Tales Of Symphonia NGC .. The Battle System Explained

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So i just have colette as my group leader and she talks to the dog? You're supposed to have Colette name the dog, Zelos hit on the women, and buy Disaster from the guy on the bridge as part of the Devil's Arms sidequest.

The casino and theater features weren't included until the PS2 version. They can be incredibly and rightfully so passionate about many things.

That would have to depend on which Final Fantasy game. If we use similar items between each game as a basis for comparison, then Final Fantasy games have some pretty large swings for item prices such as the Phoenix Down, where as Tales have more stable prices for the equivalent Life Bottle.

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Even being in paradise mode is horrible to get something there. The classroom here is intended to give you a bit of a backstory, so pay attention to the dialogue.

Pretty standard stuff, really: After your teacher Raine leaves the classroom, you can talk to the other schoolchildren if you wish.

The battle basics are covered in the appropriate chapter of this guide, but all you really need to know at this point is that your green A button is attack, your red B button sends out a special attack, and your grey X button puts up a guard.

When you reach these levels, return to the village for a heal, and perhaps to buy one more Life Bottle, before heading north to the Temple.

When you reach the Temple, a series of events will occur that culminate in you taking on what appear to be Desians, including one of their bigwigs, a man named Botta.

The upper platform in the next room consists of a fairly easy puzzle: You can use it to break the seal on the upper floor, which unlocks a warp leading to the uppermost chamber of the temple, where Colette gets some kind of mandate from heaven.

Her first task is to travel to the south and pray at the Seal of Fire. Does the fact that these two are brother and sister make this less or more disturbing?

After Lloyd gets into a fight with the guards, he and Genis will escape back to the Forest entrace.

Lloyd and his adoptive father get into an argument involving Desians, Colette comes to talk to Lloyd, and so on. For most of the fight, the monster will only use a couple of arm-sweeps, which are easily blocked.

There are around two dozen of these field chests on the two worlds in Tales of Symphonia. There are quite a few of these scene points on the overworld map; tracking them down will let you boost your relationship points with each of your party members.

Your relationships are mostly just for fun, and will sometimes determine which characters you encounter during cutscenes, but there is one important plot twist late in the game that is directly influenced by your relationship with two of the other characters.

Any remaining gald can be used to purchase new armor. There are a bunch of other people to talk to in Triet - of particular note is the cat-woman near the Expedition Team who will offer to sell you EX Gems in exchange for Grade.

The Desians will be waiting for you, however, and Lloyd will be captured and sent off to a prison elsewhere in the desert.

Anyway, bust out of your cell, save your game, and get your equipment back from the guard post. Lloyd prepares for his career as a political talk show host.

One pole will rotate the lock halfway around, the second will rotate it one-quarter circle, and the last will rotate it one-eighths of a circle.

The blue lock leads back the way you came, so what you want to do is unlock the red lock first, head south to pick up some treasure, then return and unlock the green lock, which will lead you to the second fight with Botta.

You should probably focus on taking out the henchmen first, and let your teammates keep Botta busy until you can deal with him.

After the events in the Inn, during which Raine will officially join your party, get everybody equipped as best you can and head out for the Triet Ruins.

If you wish to explore a bit, there are a couple of scenes hidden on grassy outcroppings in the desert for you to discover.

You should set up a shortcut to her First Aid Tech for the character that you normally control, then use the shortcut whenever you take any damage at all so that Raine will use her Tech over and over again.

Repetition breeds new abilities, after all. You can also encourage her to use her Tech more often by setting her Skills setting in the Strat menu to "At Once.

Inside the ruins, you can head left to find a treasure chest covered by rocks; use the Sorcerer Ring to clear it out and open it up for the treasure.

The central chamber of the ruins has another easily-solved puzzle. All you need to do here is run around and find the three unlit torches, then light them up with the Sorcerer Ring.

After you do that, you should have access to all of the treasure chests in the room, although some will require you to drop blocks into place before you can reach them.

Ktugach is massive, and quite difficult to beat without dying. This is the first really difficult boss fight, so do your best to make sure that your characters are healed up.

You certainly want to disable his fire-based spells, as these will have no effect. The first is a ranged attack where quills shoot out of his forehead; this is easily seen and guarded against, but it will often hit the AI characters behind you for massive amounts of damage.

The second and more dangerous attack is a magical effect that will set off an eruption centered on Ktugach, which will usually hit everyone nearby for a couple hundred damage.

If you spot him casting a spell, you might want to put a little distance between you and he. After Ktugach disentegrates, Colette will earn her wings, so to speak.

Well, not even "so to speak"; we mean that quite literally, in that she gets angel wings. The Assassin can deal out plenty of damage, and can heal her pet, but she has less HP than does the Guardian, so focus on taking her out first.

After the fight, exit to the world map; Kratos will instruct you on the finer points of Unison Attacks. After you get that unlocked, you can return to the Trail and head back underneath the mountain through the path the Assassin unlocked.

There are four treasure chests here, along with a particularly deadly skeleton. This fishing port looks like an ideal place to track down a ship with which to cross the ocean.

Before you head in, though, you can scout the area for a Long Range pedestal and another scene marker. There are only a couple of events of concern in Isoold.

After you talk to both of these characters, you can hit the next screen to the right and convince Max to take you out on his boat.

Before you leave Palmacosta, though, there are a couple of other tasks to be done. All you need to do to win the contest is walk upstairs, have Genis answer three practice questions correctly in the first classroom, then walk into the second classroom and watch the cutscene.

The answers to the practice questions are: There are a few locations of interest along the way. Secondly, if you sweep along the coastline to the south of Palmacosta, you should find a chest containing an EX Gem Lvl 2.

Make sure you actually equip it when you pick it up. Koton has a monopoly and he knows it. After speaking with the pilgrims on the first screen here, head inside the building to speak to Koton of the Hill People , who managed to buy the Book of Regeneration off of the goons.

If you follow the trail that leads southeast from the House of Salvation, then curve around the mountains to the north when the trail ends, you should be right at the ranch.

You can choose to either head back to Palmacosta and confront Dorr, or infiltrate the Ranch right away.

Heading back to Dorr will get you a pretty nifty item, so you might want to do that now. Back at Palmacosta, head down into the basement of the municipal building to witness a wee bit of a plot twist.

If you want an easier time in this fight, you might want to fight around in the field to get your Unison gauge full before resting at the inn, then head down to the basement to trigger the events leading up to it.

If you have your Unison attack built up all the way, unleash it at the beginning of the fight, then charge it back up with normal attacks; you may be able to fill it up again before the fight is over.

If you forgot the code, check your Items to get a reminder. Speaking of which, you can hit the radar as soon as you get it to reveal a Warp, but avoid it for now and head one screen to the right instead.

There are plenty of radar triggers here, so keep the radar activated and check anything that gives off a small sparky animation.

You should find a new shield for Kratos, as well as a couple of walkways, one of which will lead to the east. The Refresher here will completely heal you up, for free, so if you want to earn some levels, you can reset the enemies in this room by walking in and out, healing up after every go-round.

When you have the purple card, and have extended all of the walkways in the easternmost room, return to the Sorcerer Ring pedestal, hit your radar, and take the warp up.

After saving your game, head west to get the Blue Card, then return to the east and activate your radar again to spot the hidden blocks in the room there.

You can also find a Mage Cloak for Genis if you move the other blocks around. Now that you have all of the key cards, return to the Warp near the save point and use it.

This will lead to a little maze of warp paths, with some hidden items along the way. Use the yellow Warp to the left.

Use the yellow Warp to the north. Use the green Warp to the north. Head back to Room 2 Room 2: Use the red Warp to the left. Head south and use the yellow Warp.

Use the radar to find a Life Bottle, then return to Room 5 with the same warp you entered on. Head north and use the yellow Warp. Head left and use another yellow Warp.

Use the northern yellow Warp. Use the left red Warp. Do as we say, not as we do! By the same token, if you get in trouble HP-wise, whip out an Apple Gel for a quick boost - it never hurts to have an Apple Gel and a healing spell hit you at the same time.

Magnius himself will use his massive sword to great effect, along with the Beast Tech to knock you back. His special attack is a Flame Lance that will hit anyone standing in front of him for a huge amount of damage.

If you have a Unison attack at the ready, whip it out and get your combo or higher in. Magnius only has 8, HP, so a minute or so of concentrated thwacking is all you need to take him out.

She seems rather nonplussed about it all, but asks that you rescue her daughter nonetheless. You can find the Thoda Island Dock to the southeast of the Ranch.

Your first task here is to get the Statue from the geyser. After you walk up to the edge of the little pool, Genis will freeze it, which will let Lloyd hop across the ice floes to get the Statue.

The first room in the cavern contains two exits to the south and a Sorcerer Ring shifter; avoid the shifter for now and head out the leftmost exit.

There are also three treasure chests hidden near the pillars on the right side of this screen, so search around until you find them.

Now, return to the first room and shift the Sorcerer Ring so that it shoots out water, then head out via the rightmost exit.

Be sure to save your game before you hit the Warp, though; the boss is a doozie. The fight with Adulocia can get pretty crowded - protect your spellcasters!

The stinging like a bee part of that equation should be tacit by this point in the game. She still only has 10, HP, however, like the last few bosses, so with a concentrated attack pattern, you should be able to dish out enough punishment to take her down before the two minute mark.

When you reach the mainland, head back to Hakonesia Peak and exchange the Statue for the Book of Regeneration.

Afterwards, go through the pass and head north. This will trigger a series of events wherein Lloyd foils a plot to destroy the ruins; just walk around to their rear when Raine starts talking about the history of the area.

If you return to the Mayor, Raine will offer to take her place, so be sure to heal up and save your game before you head back to him. Raine will have to be in your party; Kratos and Genis will also be useful.

If you upgraded your weaponry and equipment when you first rolled into town, this should be a cakewalk for you.

The Windmaster can attack for plenty of damage, but if you can keep your guard up, you should be able to plow it backwards towards the eastern edge of the battlefield and wail on it until it dies.

If you set Kratos to Frontlines, you should be able to get some massive combos going; this will let you keep Windmaster pinned against the wall, unable to attack.

First, though, head north until you reach Luin, a small town on an island in the middle of a lake. Taking a side trip now will let you see the town before it You can also visit Lake Umacy at this point, just to the northeast of the House of Salvation.

After unlocking the Mausoleum and heading inside, walk to your right and note the location of the save point.

These give you clues as to how to bypass a puzzle later in the dungeon. If you want to solve said puzzle for yourself, note the sequence of colors.

When you come across a block, push it down to the lower level of the dungeon and use it to cover up the square in the floor; this will block the wind machine, allowing you to return to the save point and light the torch there.

This one is a bit more complicated than previous puzzles, mostly because it involves interpreting one or two fairly obfuscated riddles in the previous room.

If you think you know the order to the windmills, feel free to try your solutions out; if not, we have a little cheat sheet for you here.

After each sequence, check the door to the north to stop the windmills. Red, Yellow, Green, White, Blue This pretty obviously leads up to a boss fight against a wind monster, so if you have Genis in your party, deactivate any wind or lightning spells that he might have and make sure everyone has a decent amount of TP before proceeding.

You can get Iapyx up against the wall with a few combo attacks; when this occurs, start going crazy with spells and sword attacks.

On your way out of the temple, Sheena will attack you again. Go for Sheena first. After Sheena joins up, return to Asgard to purchase equipment for her, if necessary, then head out to the Asgard Ranch to the north of Luin for some payback.

Your destination is now Hima, a town to the west and south around the ring of mountains on the map. Before you head in, though, now would be an opportune time to hit the Sword Dancer that you bypassed earlier.

You remember the big skull in the underground segment of Ossa Trail? You can reach him by walking south of Hima and taking the bridge across the water.

After you pick your team, head out through the northern exit, grab the three treasure chests, then activate the console nearby to shut down the EX Sphere creation process.

This will allow you to ride on the conveyor belt that blocked you off on your last trip to the Ranch, which you can reach via the southern door in the first room here.

This will lock you in, but you can head west to exit the room. This will free the prisoners, after which you can head south and circle back around to where you were.

Kvar makes for a hell of a fight. Just wail on him, and if possible back him up against one of the "walls" of the fighting arena to better concentrate your blows.

You still need to track down a cure for Pietro in Hima, as well. Unfortunately, the cure lies in the Tower of Mana, which is locked.

Which makes sense, if you think about it Step on out and save your game. Get the mirrors into these positions to solve the puzzle.

One of these is something of a doozy, so check our screenshot to see the solution. After a bit of walking, your parties will rejoin and will be able to take the warp to the top of the tower.

As per usual, get Colette in your party, along with a healer and another member of your choosing. If you flex your muscles with the usual strategies, though - get the boss against the wall and let Lloyd Tech away - you should be able to kill Iubaris off without much of a problem.

After you leave the Tower, a long, long cutscene will start playing, which reveals that man lives in the sunlit world of what he believes to be reality.

But there is, unseen by most, an underworld. A place just as real, but not as brightly lit If you bring along melee attackers, you can swarm Undine and hopefully disrupt her spellcasting.

Undine, as you may expect, will use water attacks, and will deal plenty of damage with them. This is especially true if you have other melee attackers along for the ride; you may want to bring both Kratos and Raine along for their healing powers, as well, since Spread is unblockable.

After Undine is defeated, Sheena will gain the ability to summon her in battle, or for storyline purposes, so head back to Lake Umacy and get your unicorn horn.

Before you leave Thoda Island, though, stock up on Melange Gels from the item seller near the geyser; these are tough to find elsewhere.

After you reach the mainland, jet on over to Hima and cure up Pietro. Afterwards, you can ride the dragons from the top of the mountain to the Tower of Salvation, but there are a few things you should take care of before you do.

If you picked up the Figurine Book from Harley after destroying the Asgard Ranch, you can start on the multi-game miniquest that involves constructing figurines of every.

Next up is to get a couple more summons for Sheena. Expect to encounter plenty of wind magic during this fight. Return to Hima and hitch a ride to the Tower of Salvation when these side-quests are complete.

Best to get it out of the way. Irregardless, the secondary revelation that Remial is a villain will result in your first big fight of the Tower.

Remial will also warp around the battlefield, so locking him against one of the walls is impossible.

If you can, cook a meal at the end of this fight, because next up we have Well, Kratos suddenly fished out an extra 20, HP from his back pocket, apparently, which brings his total up to 22, The trick to actually outlasting Kratos is in, again, using your healing items like a maniac.

He throws out Fierce Demon Fang from time to time, as well, and appends his regular sword slashes with a lightning strike. If possible, let Sheena do the item using, as Raine and Genis will often be casting spells.

As mentioned, the game will continue whether or not you beat Kratos. Even if you do beat him, you get to face Yggy Stardust here has 40, HP, and each of your attacks does a grand total of one damage.

After Yggy defeats you, yet more backstory will be revealed. Eventually, you and your party will wake up in the base of the Renegades, captained by Botta, whom you fought many hours ago.

Before you do this, however, use all three boxes to reach the two treasure chests on the raised platform. Then switch your Sorcerer Ring at the shifter near the stairs and descend.

Once there, you can charge the machine to lower the water level, push the grey box into the water, then head downstairs to push the grey box onto the blue square.

This will give you access to one last energy coil, the shooting of which will unlock the door. Your first goal is to make it to Meltokio, which is a short walk to the northeast of where you find yourself when you reach the field.

For the moment, at any rate. Zelos has no time for fraternal chit-chat; too many ladies to hit on. After you regain control of your group, head up the steps to meet up with Xelos in a rather amusing cutscene.

Equip her with any spare equipment you may have before proceeding. Talking to the King will lead to the addition of Zelos to your party. Although Zelos is pretty much a carbon copy of Kratos when it comes to Techs and equipment, he does have one unique property: If you notice a woman behind a register, walk behind the counter to get her item.

This ability refreshes whenever you leave a city and come back, so you can use it over and over again. The Royal University is stationed in Sybak, but before you head in, you should check the marketplace in the town square to get some better weapons, and find the Wonder Chef in the archives building to the north.

If you return to the University, Lloyd will be able to fix it and equip it to Colette, to no apparent effect. From there, head back to the Fooji Mountains.

Big mice have twice the hit points of their little counterparts, along with improved stats. Before you start exploring, though, use it to change your party into their tiny-sized equivalents, then walk along the ledge to the southwest of the shifter to find a room that contains an EX Gem LV2.

Now, proceed through the rest of the room until you reach the garbage compactor. When all of those are in place, return below, shift to small size, and walk across the walkway that leads to the blue lever, which will unlock one of the doors below.

Head back up, save your game, then take the stairs to your left. The red door leads to another trash compactor, so make a cube, then push it down the walkway.

You have to use the spiderwebs and the resizers here to maneuver around the cube as you push it. When you reach the second corner in the path, push the block off the right side; this will create a path in the little walkway below, so head back down and follow the path until you reach the cage, which has a pressure plate inside of it.

After you leave the cage by unlocking the door, a new spiderweb will appear on the walkways above this room, which will let you push a block even further along the path.

Push it into the cage, and make sure it hits the pressure plate, then return to the garbage compactor one last time. The last cube you construct will need to be pushed all the way to the end of the walkway, then pushed off so that it lands on the small platform on the north end of the room.

This will finally unlock the yellow door, which leads to the last room of the sewers. Who knew saving the world would require so much manual labor?

Anyway, there are two more mouseholes in the last room, one underneath either side of the broken bridge.

Do so, then return to the ERI to learn that your boat has been placed near the bridge. Head back up to the bridge to retrieve it from Kuchinawa.

One more treasure chest awaits if you keep heading to the right. Convict Person can still put out a beatdown. He only uses physical attacks and close-range Techs, though, so as long as you have an adept healer in your party and keep him occupied with Lloyd and another frontlines fighter, you should be leaning over one unconscious prisoner with a minute or so of fighting.

Instead, wait until after you speak to the VC; Regal will join the party at this point. Across the bridge lies Ozette, where Presea has been wanting to go ever since she joined up with you.

If you want to get Regal a quick title, though, head to the beach and beat up on some of the weaker enemies here. You should also buy a Mizuho Potion from him before you head off.

You can find the appropriate dock by simply heading straight north from Ozette, as the map wraps around. You have a preponderance of targets to choose from in this fight, with enemies totalling eight in number.

There are four mechanical arms that will pop out to try and hurt you, but their blows rarely land, and you can safely ignore them. After the fight, return to the previous screen to find a couple of chests one of which is partially obscured by a mine cart.

To do so, activate the machinery in the middle of the room, then hitch a ride on the platform when it comes a-calling. There will be a test. The next room on has a whole lotta boulders, so start dropping bombs left and right.

Activate any machinery you see, and give the Gnomelette a potion. Before you continue along the path to the east, take the lift down to the lower level to get some items.

What you need to do is lure it back towards the falling-boulder area, then hit the switch for the boulder and hide in the little alcove on the side of the path.

If timed properly, the boulder will hit the block, thus eliminating the last major barrier between you and the inhibitor ore. You can run back to the elevator platform and check out the rubble to find a pair of chakrams for Colette These will be the instigators to a side quest later in the game, so hang on to them.

When you have the ore, make your way out of the mine and return to Ozette, where, suprisingly, Presea helps the mysterious man kidnap Colette.

The lesson is, never try. Follow the coastline to the northwest and you should spot the temple without a problem. These, along with the pressure plate on the central walkway, control a series of electrical bolts.

The electricity is color-coded to a certain type of block that can be destroyed; you can try this out on the blue blocks on the right side of the room to find a Silver Guard.

Now, head north on the central walkway to reveal a large, open room. The shifter that will let you access the next color of electricity is here, but the lightning that courses through the shallow water will prevent you from reaching it.

Take a left and head up the stairs until you reach a darkened room. Keep your working your way down through the platforms until you reach a lightning rod on solid ground; activating this one will de-electrify the water, so head back down to it and switch your lightning to yellow.

When the rod is in place insert your own joke here, kids! Continue on through the eastern door and navigate through the dark until you reach the generator that initially gave you access to the yellow lightning shifter.

Switch it off, and the lightning will start hitting the new lightning rod, which will activate the machine in the generator room, so, obviously, you should go back and switch it on.

The machine works via sending electricity through conduits, and your goal is to send a charge up to the top of the middle pillar. First, though, walk up the stairs, destroy the two topmost conduits, then activate the machine to drop a chest down.

Leave the room and come back to reset the puzzle, then destroy the right conduit on the uppermost level and the left conduit on the second level from the top.

Activating the machine after this will send the boulder at the top of the room smashing through the bridge below, giving you access to yet another shifter, which will give you access to red lightning.

Now that you have red lightning, you have access to two more treasure chests, one in the first room of the temple, and one accessible via the doorway in the western wall of the large, open room.

You remember breaking through the yellow block only to find that the path beyond led nowhere? Well, now it leads to Power Greaves for Regal.

For an amorphous ball of energy, Volt packs quite a punch. His main attack consists of sending out small bolts of lightning towards anyone within melee range; this can do a lot of damage, but can be guarded against.

His second, more powerful means of dealing damage centers a lightning storm on him; any melee characters will definitely want to guard when you see him casting.

Head there and go into the Base. Luckily, Orochi in the first room here will act as a free inn, so stop back at him whenever you feel under the weather.

Apparently he heard you coming and stuffed himself into a broom closet, but no matter; steamroll him and get moving.

Then return to the intersection and head east; the purple enemy here is the last commander. Before you leave the room, though, climb the steps and zap the circuit with your Ring.

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Startseite Diskussionen Workshop Markt Übertragungen. You just caught a lucky break. Und den General von Dahos musst du auch innerhalb von 3 Tagen besiegen Feb Tales of Symphonia - Chronicles: You asked for it, and here it is. Nein Leider nicht, der Effekt von der Sephira lässt sich nicht stapeln. Jetzt sind Lloyd, Colette und Co. Was laberst du für einen Müll? Tales of symphonia casino cheat - zeigt sich Dort erwartet euch Abyssion und dort erwartet euch eine Sequenz. Write to me in PM.

Tales of symphonia casino tipps -

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